6+1 Things you should know about the New Adobe CC Update

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  • June 19, 2014

Today, June 18th 2014, Adobe has released a bunch of new and exciting updates to the Adobe Creative Cloud applications making it more powerful than ever before. Productivity and mobile apps seems to be focus for these new stream of Adobe Updates. Sure enough Adobe has done its best to create some seamless integration for Videographers, Photographers and Designers who heavily rely on a cross-application workflow to get through their projects. After sitting through a 2 hour long keynote, I present to you 6 + 1 exciting updates that everyone would like to know about.

1. Colour Grading

It is every videographers nightmare to colour grade their clips from Adobe Premiere Pro to Adobe Speedgrade to get your colour grading work done and get it back to Premiere to finish your editing.

Now this has been made so simple, almost similar to the seamless connection we enjoy between Premiere Pro and After Effects. Right-Click and send the clip from Premier Pro timeline to Speedgrade, colour grade your clips and send it back when your timeline. Voila you have saved some precious time.

This sync between applications is available between Photoshop and Illustrator too. The illustrator files can be smart objects inside Photoshop and gets dynamically updated when changes are saved on Illustrator.

2. An update for all UHD Fans

Adobe has gone way further with its GPU processing and made some performance upgrades to all its software applications. For all the graphic intensive work you have every ounce of processing power backing up your work. This will be a huge benefit when you’re working with UHD (4K, 5K, 6K …. ) videos.

3. 3D workflow in Photoshop

I think it is fair for me to say that we are seeing more 3D designs created than ever before and Adobe has made something extraordinary for all the creatives interested in 3D and yet to dive in to this third dimension (including me). We have seen some of these features pop out with the regular updates to Photoshop CC. And now 3D engine is ever more lighter and makes you feel like you are working on a 2D image.

One amazing feature with regards to 3D workflow shown by Paul Trani during the keynote is the ability to create 3D composites using 3D renders on a 2D image. Throw on some creative filters, new blurring options and create photo-realistic composites.

Also, If you have a 3D printer then printing your 3D designs would be a piece of cake, unfortunately, the majority of us are yet to get our hands-on one of those 3D printing beasts. So, photoshop now offers an integration with ‘Shapeways’ an online 3D printing solution to bring your 3D designs to life. *Yayy*

4. Noteworthy Photoshop Updates

There can never be a Adobe Keynote without announcing updates to its most famous application of all time, Photoshop. There are 4 note worthy updates with this new release and here they are for you.

  1. Adobe teased us with a Focus mask feature before this keynote, probably the most exciting features for all the photographers and designers out there.
  2. The content-aware has gotten better with improved near-by pixel recognition = better content-aware fills.
  3. Live preview of fonts are now available inside Photoshop. This happens when you hover on a font in your for list. Simple right. I can see myself saving so much time with this very essential update.
  4. Guides are such an important tool for all the designers out there. Now photoshop shows live guide updates in your canvas (like measurements and distribution distance with relative to near-by objects; similar to Adobe Muse if you’re familiar with that).

5.Mobile Applications

Adobe has spent some real time and money in making some great, useful apps for creatives who spend time creating their artworks/sketching/plans on the iPad. Now there are 3 new apps announced in addition to Lightroom Mobile which got released a couple of months back.

Lightroom Mobile: Making that seamless connection with Lightroom on your desktop to the iPad is cool, but it’s even cooler when you can do that with your iPhone. Yes, Lightroom Mobile is now available for iPhones too. Also, now we have the ability to star rate the pictures inside Lightroom mobile.

Abode Sketch: A free-hand drawing app from Adobe to create those sketches you always wanted to draw with all the great features (like colour blending) for no cost is finally here. *enuf said*

Adobe Line: To all the creatives who want perfect lines and shapes, Adobe has this new app which lets you make some perfect lines on your iPad. Perfect for architectural/technical drawings or for abstract drawings.

Photoshop Mix: This is a stripped down version of desktop Photoshop. During the demo it seemed to have amazing precision with masking and making selections. Photoshop Mix has layers too and the edits are non-destructive. Complex computation intense features like content-aware is also available and the process is carried over to the cloud servers and rendered on you tablet. Am really excited to start using this app and see how this fits in my workflow. Also, probably for the first time with this app we can open PSDs on a tablet *Brilliant*.

AdobeAPpsAll these are available for download right away. Check out the App Store.

6. Adobe Muse

Finally, Adobe Muse takes the centre stage among the Creative Cloud applications. There are quite a list of changes to application itself and some fresh code from ground up.

  1. UI Improvement, Dark UI like Photoshop and Illustrator.
  2. New in browser editing features. Now we can feel a lot less awkward when our client needs to make changes to the site when they want.
  3. Tearable side widget panels
  4. New fullscreen slideshow features
  5. and a lot more (new blog post coming soon on that)


If you remember Project Mighty and Project Napoleon then you will be excited by now. Sleek, stylish stylus from Adobe is finally here and it is called as Adobe Ink and the little ruler is Adobe Slide.

Integrating with the newly announced sketching apps from Adobe, Adobe Ink and Adobe Slide is the best optimised and personalised stylus you could ever get. Storing all your personal cloud inside the stylus, Adobe Ink lets you create artworks easily and sends your work to Photoshop or Illustrator to make some final adjustments and publish your work.

It would set you back by $200 USD, but you pay for what you get. I will be following on that to get some Non-Adobe reviews before I decide to go get one for me.

Adobe Ink and Slide

Just Gorgeous !!!


The photography subscription package has finally become an official subscription model, not just a “limited time offer” anymore. Photoshop, Lightroom along with Creative Cloud storage for $9.99/mo. Adobe has even changed the web experience for the users and it is rolling out to all the users today. The creative cloud dashboard is similar, more focussed and categorised. Also we get Lightroom Mobile features on the go with this update.

Assets library is coming soon to Adobe CC subscribers making it a little easier to download free assets including royalty free images that we can use in our projects. This almost works like the huge collection of typekit font we get synced to our computers with Adobe CC. New Masking + tracking features are added to Adobe Premiere Pro and multiple masking inside Adobe After Effects feels smoother. Thanks to the GPU Performance upgrades. There is also a seamless integration of all the Adobe Tablet apps and even some of the Desktop apps with Behance Social Network to upload, share and get comments on your work.

AdobeExSo, that is all the new updates and product releases from Adobe announced in June 2014 Adobe CC event. If I had missed any, or if you’ve got any questions regarding any of these features, then comment below and let me know. Also share this post with your friends and creatives, let them know about all these new features they can use.

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